I have question about this situation... I want to play Acropolis (Culture District - Greeks)

  1. Why I am getting +2 Culture Bonus on Top-Right Hex -> 1 for city is clear and the other for adjacent district is really not, as there is no adjacent district...I ahve only Campus, which is really far from there
  2. Why I cannot build the Acropolis on the Hex on right of Sparta? enter image description here

Thanks for any answers/clarifications..


The City Centre itself is considered a district. Hence, it provides these two bonuses. The explanation of the Acropolis lists:

+1 Culture bonus for each adjacent district and an additional +1 Culture bonus for adjacent City Center.[...]

  • Ah ok, that make sense then. I didn't know that. Thank you. Also I found that i can be only build on hills...that is the reason why cannot be build on right HEX. – kovko Mar 26 at 14:39
  • Which is unique to the Acropolis, a normal culture district doesn't have a hills requirement – n_plum Mar 26 at 15:06

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