The Engineering item Cardboard Assassin has caught on as being useful in Shadowlands dungeons, however it's an engineering item from an older expansion "Cataclysm" that I'm not familiar with.

The typical way that one learns to craft new items is by leveling the profession, in this case Engineering, and the new recipes become available from the profession trainer.

In this case, Cardboard Assassin doesn't seem to be able to be learned from the vendor in the typical fashion.

I know with some professions I have to get a recipe to learn how to craft certain items. Is that the case with Cardboard Assassin?

This is also the first time I've been an Engineer, so perhaps there's something unique about Engineering compared to something like Tailoring?

How do I learn the recipe for Cardboard Assassin?

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This is learned randomly through crafting, rather than learned at the trainer.[1]

The prerequisite seems to be that you've learned Cataclysm Engineering.[2] It's not clear if the items crafted need to be from Cataclysm Engineering to learn Cardboard Assassin.

I followed these steps and learned the recipe for Cardboard Assassin:

  1. In Stormwind/Orgrimmar, go to the Engineering trainer and learn Cataclysm Engineering
  2. Craft several Electrified Ether (materials are 2x Volatile Air). I learned Cardboard Assassin after crafting 10-30 of these. It's random, but the chances of learning it seem pretty high.

A Tinker's Kit is required to apply the effect to the belt. Tinker's Kits are sold from the Engineering vendor in Stormwind/Orgrimmar.


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