How can I take multiple screenshots from a PC game during playing?


The depends 100% on the game in question.

However, if your game doesn't natively support it, FRAPS is probably your best solution.

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Xfire will take screen shots on almost every game it supports.

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    As will Steam, for that matter. – Raven Dreamer Jul 24 '11 at 0:04
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    As will Raptr, for that matter. – Simon Sheehan Jul 24 '11 at 1:07
  • Yeah but, at the time I answered this Steam could not. I use it now instead of Xfire. :) – Corv1nus Jul 25 '11 at 12:53

Since the other answer covers only the Windows PC operating system, here are a few more methods for other PC operating systems.

Mac OS X

  • Just press ⌘ Command+⇧ Shift+3 to take a full screenshot.

  • For an arbitrary selection press ++4 and then use the mouse to select what you want to capture.

  • To capture a window use the same combo as before, then press ␣ Space and then click on the window you want to capture. You may also do this to capture menus as well.

  • You can also use Preview or Grab to get screenshots, as well as windows, selections and timed screenshots.

  • ++3 and ++4 also work in the classic Mac OS going as far back as at least System 6.

  • All Mac screenshot functions play a camera shutter sound to inform the user that a screenshot has been taken (at least as far back as System 7).

Grab is one way to get screenshots and window captures: Grab on Mac OS X showing the Window Grab option

The File menu in Preview also has a screenshot facility in the Grab submenu. Preview File menu hilighting "Grab"


This varies greatly by the flavor you install. Often there may be a utility simply called "Screenshot".


  • Press Print Screen will invoke the Screenshot utility and take a full screenshot.

  • Pressing ⎇ Alt+Print Screen will take a screenshot of the current window.

Ubuntu Screenshot utility.

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