Is there a way for me to more easily compact my logic? For example, Here I have this start to a 64bit ALU: enter image description here

I have no idea how I could just turn this into a 64-wide prism, but so often when you see complicated logic on the workshop, that is how it comes. A glass-enclosed cube.

How do people make these?

Note: If anyone reading this question knows a Scrap Mechanic logical engineer, share this question with them! Thank you.


You can open the blueprint in a text editor. Blueprints are saved as .JSON files, its just a text file written in a format a program can understand. It's essentially just a list of all the parts in a blueprint with all their coordinates and properties.

Open the file in a text editor, and set the position of each logic gate to the same point. It helps to paint inputs and outputs, so you can identify them in the text editor and place them in different locations.

Alternatively, you can build it in the shape you want and use a blueprint editing tool to do mass parallel connections.

Another option is to use modded connection dots to see inside of a dense creation. ex: https://scrapmechanicmods.com/m=2

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    With other, less repetitive creations, this would not work at all, and even if it did, it would be extremely painful. Jun 20 at 18:00
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    @Gnemlock It does not answer the question. The first solution is putting it all in one block, not a cube with each block separate. The second solution assumes that the creation is all the same thing repeated, and the third plainly wouldn't work on more complicated creations. It does not answer the question at all, thus it should be deleted. Jun 23 at 13:16

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