Is there any documentation of the original Minecraft blocks behavior JSON? I'm not looking for blocks.json, I'm looking for individual vanilla blocks and their components such as stone.json, glass.json, etc. I can't find it in the Vanilla Behavior Pack, and poking around the apk file doesn't seem to be helping either. It would be really helpful as a guideline when making custom blocks in addons.

Thank you for your time.

  • There aren't (bc they are hard-coded into the game) but in a bit I can write some for you because those blocks are so simple they should be fairly easy to recreate
    – Penguin
    Apr 24 at 4:15
  • That's unfortunate. Such a list would be helpful. May 9 at 9:56
  • Ugh! I can't seem to find anything that indicates the correct tool right now, so maybe I'll come back later but as for right now looks like I can't, sorry :(
    – Penguin
    May 12 at 22:50
  • That's alright, thanks for trying anyway. May 13 at 10:43

Unfortunately, you can't modify the behavior of the blocks in the minecraft namespace. I followed the Microsoft documentation on custom block creation and adjusted the data to be directed at a sand block:

    "format_version": "1.16.0",
    "minecraft:block": {
        "description": {
            "identifier": "minecraft:sand",
            "is_experimental": false,
            "register_to_creative_menu": true
        "components": {
            "minecraft:destroy_time": 1,
            "minecraft:explosion_resistance": 5,
            "minecraft:friction": 0.6,
            "minecraft:flammable": {
                "flame_odds": 0,
                "burn_odds": 0
            "minecraft:map_color": "#FFFFFF",
            "minecraft:block_light_absorption": 0,
            "minecraft:block_light_emission": 0.8

The behavior pack will import successfully, but you'll be greeted by the following error message when loading it into a world:

[Blocks][error]-block_definitions | Taco's Test Pack | blocks/sand.json | Identifier not allowed to use Minecraft namespace

Subsequently, it is not possible to customize the behavior of default blocks.

  • I know you can't use the minecraft namespace, and I know the documentation has all the properties available, but what I'm looking for is the properties of the blocks. I might be able to reconstruct them by trial and error, but is there anything that tells me directly, for example, "the default stone block has a hardness of 1"? Aug 8 at 5:45

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