I need help here, I am making a map called "The Firing". I want it to say: Welcome to The Firing, [USERNAME]

What I had was

/tellraw @a {"rawtext":[{"text":"Welcome to The Firing, !"]}, {["extra":[{"selector":"@p"}]}]}

It did not work. Please help me here.

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You are so close, but you need to remove extra, it is not correct. Use multiple components instead:

tellraw @p {"rawtext":[{"text":"Welcome to the Firing, "},{"selector":"@p"},{"text":"!"}]}
  • Thank you so much! This really means a lot! – BraveGamerTV on Bedrock Apr 6 at 22:04
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    @BraveGamerTVonBedrock Don't forget to click the check button next to the answer that helped you the most, to mark this question as solved. – ExpertCoder14 Apr 7 at 0:17

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