This image is from a website that allows you play classic games in a browser. It appears on a video on home page. They didn't put the name of the game there.

enter image description here

Which game is this?

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That would be Dreamweb. That gent on the left is a near-constant element of the HUD in that game.



Release year: 1994

Platform: DOS

Age rating:: 18 years

Game cover:

DreamWeb Cover

Game license: Freeware

Story: There is a disturbance in the Dreamweb, a barrier between this world and the next. Seven evil leaders are threatening to destroy it, meaning the certain end of everything. You control Ryan in this top-down adventure game that features heavy pixel hunting and hard puzzles.

Furthermore, the game is now freeware and available on many sites, like ScummVM for instance.

Example Screenshots enter image description here

enter image description here

Review: If you'd like to read a review, I wrote one many years ago. You can read the review at The Retro Spirit here (note: written by the undersigned, it's in Norwegian but you can Google Translate)

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