I have built a structure in creative mode that is filled with creepers. The problem is I want to go to survival mode without blowing up the structure or myself. I don't know anything about commands about summoning and stuff like that. The only command I know is give_[player]_a_[something]. So, how do I summon creepers that will ( or if possible make the creepers that I already have ) not be able to explode?

  • Which edition of Minecraft are you playing?
    – pppery
    Apr 15, 2021 at 16:43
  • I'm not really sure, but I play on a phone.
    – Bloonarius
    Apr 15, 2021 at 16:44
  • 3
    Minecraft on mobile is Bedrock edition. @Bloonchipper Please avoid accepting edits that introduce a new tag if you yourself said you don't know which tag to use. Apr 15, 2021 at 17:54
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The easiest way to do this is just to not provoke the creepers. Since you don't want them to break anything, you could go into the settings for your world and turn off the button that says "Mob Griefing". This will allow you to make sure that no mobs can affect blocks, thus, making sure that your creepers will not cause any damage when exploding.

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