I've recently noticed that whenever I close my game, any changes I made during the time I was playing do not save. I do not know about vanilla worlds since I play servers only.

I noticed a while back that whenever I tried to activate flame particles, as soon as I close the game they'd become deactivated again. This goes for texture packs too, when I'd deactivate a Hypixel texture pack it would seemingly reenable reenable when I opened the game again.

My friend recently started a 1.16.5 SMP. As a Hypixel player I use 1.8.9 optifine but I want to have more fun so I switched (or at least tried to) to unmodded, no optifine 1.16.5, but it keeps resetting the controls, the video settings, even the "Do not show again" on the third party server warning. For some reason though, my 1.8.9 controls carry over to 1.16.5, even though they didn't carry over when I was still playing 1.14 vanilla (but that was more than a year ago).

I do not have java installed anymore to save space, would that be a problem?

Help is appreciated, thanks!

  • "I do not have java installed" yes you do, minecraft java edition cant run without it. – Topcode Apr 16 at 12:06
  • 1
    @Topcode I think OP meant they don't have a standalone JRE installed, since Minecraft Java Edition nowadays comes with its own bundled JRE. – Marty Cagas Apr 16 at 12:25

Try reading the solution to this question.

Check out the file permissions for %appdata%\.minecraft\options.txt (WIN) or ~/.minecraft/options.txt (linux). Check if it is opened by any running programs (are there file handles open to it?). When was it last edited? (the filemtime attribute).

It could also be that your Minecraft is setting your option changes back on exit. In this case, you could change the options manually and set the file to read-only. The OS will prevent Minecraft from overwriting your changes.

  • Uh i tried it but it was last edited a year ago, so thats not a problem. I switched the options.json thing to read-only but it doesnt work, what file are u talking about? Also how do i switch manually? – Supersizer Apr 17 at 13:50
  • Ok, I just realised. The options.txt seems to only be for 1.8.9, since it doesnt have the autoJump and toolbaractivator in the text document. what am i supposed to do about this ;-; – Supersizer Apr 18 at 11:33

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