Jellicent with:

Hex, Bubble Beam + Ice Beam

Hex, Bubble Beam + Shadow Ball

Hex, Shadow Ball + Ice Beam

Bubble, Bubble Beam + Ice Beam

Bubble, Bubble Beam + Shadow Ball

Bubble, Shadow Ball + Ice Beam

  • Could you at least say why its downvoted? This is not opinion based, I strictly said statistical win rate – Harry Iguana Apr 21 at 22:45
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    My guess is that either there is not enough data for this (you could have searched this up yourself), or its impractical to answer it. (Look there are over like 200 pokemons in pokemon go, lets be serious, unless you're extremely devoted or have software capable of simulating battles, this is going to take awhile) It is also reliant on trainer skill as you can dodge attacks, etc. – Phoenix Apr 21 at 23:05
  • Ok, if that was the case sure but people just downvote and dip? How is that good policy? I am pretty new to this site. – Harry Iguana Apr 21 at 23:25
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    Its reasonable you're frustrated by downvoters who dip and don't give an explanation. The general reasons are, poor question (no its ok), off-topic (no), or impractical (yes somewhat). But they don't owe an explanation unfortunately, but the site does try and encourage people to give comments as how to improve questions. If your question happens to be closed, they must provide a reason. – Phoenix Apr 21 at 23:29
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    That sucks. I wish you could see who downvoted, as to improve the site users. Thanks though – Harry Iguana Apr 22 at 0:53

I recommend PvPoke for determining ideal movesets in PvP based on win rates. It ranks Pokemon against each other based on their match-ups against the rest of the metagame, with match-ups against more popular Pokemon being given higher priority. Each Pokemon is ranked based on its moveset that gives it the best overall match-ups. It gives different match-ups and ideal movesets for each league, including some special cups like Kanto Cup.

At the time of this post in each of these leagues, Jellicent's ideal movesets in the main leagues are:

  • Great League: Bubble, Bubble Beam and Shadow Ball
  • Ultra League: Hex, Shadow Ball and Ice Beam
  • Premier Cup (Ultra without legendaries): Bubble, Bubble Beam and Shadow Ball
  • Master League (normal and Classic): Hex, Shadow Ball and Ice Beam

Ranks and movesets can change over time. By default, these rankings assume that both players have 1 (and only 1) shield. This setting can be changed manually. Further details can be found on their site.

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