how do I play multiplayer on Minecraft I, have java and it has something to do with the Microsoft account please help.

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    What does it tell you when you try to play multiplayer? – LeBiscuit Apr 22 at 12:35

From the official Minecraft Wiki:

  • Choose a host computer.

  • Click "Single Player".

  • Press ESC inside server

  • Click "Open to LAN".

After these, you can choose what genre/type of playable gamemode. So choose one of these: (Survival recommended)

  • Adventure Mode

  • Survival

Commands? ON/OFF

  • Click "Start LAN World"

  • Select "Multiplayer"

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    Oh, okay. I will remove this prediction. @Topcode – Wabbit. Apr 22 at 18:45
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    By the way, if I may ask, how do you know what and what not device he is playing on? – Wabbit. Apr 22 at 18:51
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    @Wabbit. Windows 10 edition is typically referring to the separate version called Bedrock edition, and your instructions are for Bedrock, while the OP states they are playing on Java Edition – Ray Wu Apr 22 at 19:10
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    @Wabbit. I don't understand what you mean, the Windows 10 edition is completely a different game than the Java Edition – Ray Wu Apr 22 at 21:01
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    Windows 10 and Windows 10 edition are separate things. Windows 10 refers to the OS. Yes you can use the java version on it. The Windows 10 edition refers to the minecraft version also known as Bedrock edition. On "For XBOX 1 or Windows 10", [edition] was omitted. – Bruno Rodrigues Apr 22 at 21:13

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