I used to play a lot of Xbox with my stepbrothers, who own Xbox Live Gold. I don't live with my dad anymore, so I decided to get my own Xbox One S and - due to my stepbrothers and I being in a family - I am able to get Gold from them.

I'm especially really excited to play GTA V, but I can't seem to find a crucial bit of info: can I play GTA V on an Xbox One S, and if so, would I be able to get it for FREE with Xbox Live Gold?

Note: I'm not trying to sell anything, I'm just wanting to know if I buy an Xbox One S, will I be able to play GTA V on it, and if it is free with Gold.


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GTA: V is an Xbox One game, and therefore, is able to be played on an Xbox One S.

Unfortunately, GTA: V is not available through Xbox Live Gold. It is only available with 'Game Pass', offered as a part of Xbox Live Ultimate, a more expensive Xbox Live subscription tier:

GTA V On Xbox Live Game Pass

Here's some further reading on the comparison between Ultimate and Gold.

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