The Universal Minecraft Editor allows users to edit many different parts of their world, including the NBT of items, entities, and blocks. It is commonly used to edit NBT data of items.

However, the 1.16.100 update of Minecraft Bedrock Edition has broken the editor's Chunk Locator. Instead, the Chunk Locator shows a blank white canvas and I am unable to select a chunk to edit:

UMCE Chunk Locator Empty

If you still attempt to select a chunk and hit the "Open" button, no luck, the following error appears:

UMCE Chunk Locator Error Message

This seems to only happen in worlds that are 1.16.100+. Older worlds will still open properly.

Why is this happening and how do I fix it?


It was only a minor change that caused the Chunk Locator to break in 1.16.100. This minor change was the moving of the ChunkVersion tag to a different location, from byte 177 to byte 44. See the Minecraft Wiki for source.

Unfortunately, after emailing Matt G (oPryzeLP), he does not plan to fix the software, due to it being unpaid for.

But, all is not lost. I am happy to inform you that after speaking with Tryashtar on the Minecraft Commands Discord server, they have come up with a solution!

They have now rigged up their Image Map editor to, in addition to reading maps of your world, it will also restore the legacy ChunkVersion tag that is required for UMCE to work.

Just click on the Bedrock World button and click on the world you want to open. This will then automatically add back the legacy chunks.

You can get the file here.


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