I have been playing on the same computer for about 5 years and it worked perfectly. Now for some reason i can not jump while running woth sprint or just at all walking and jumping. I try to do it and i just jump in place. I tried changing version and it did not work. I try to run and jump and it goes well for about 1 or half a second and then i jump in place with no movement at all for like 5 seconds and that has been happening for about 2 weeks now. On all servers. I didnt change anything in my computer, version or buttons. It just started happening out of nowhere. What do i do? Sorry for mistakes, English is not my main language.

  • If you temporarily change your "jump" to left/right click (just for testing) does it fix it? I'm curious if this is a game issue or a hardware issue. – hyper-neutrino May 2 at 16:02
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    @hyper-neutrino yes, I don't think it's a game issue, most probably, his keyboard stopped working properly ig. – RyugaGod May 2 at 18:03

Check your controls in Minecraft. It could be that the jump control is the same as your walking/sprinting controls.

  • I didnt change them, and i checked. Its ok. And it sometimes works and sometimes doesnt – Victotia_Vi May 3 at 6:59
  • I'm not exactly sure why that is happening but try reinstalling the game. – smexyuwu May 3 at 7:57

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