I know that it needs 7 blocks above, but I wanted to know how much it requires next to it. For example, can I put one dark oak (unobstructed) every block? Every other block? Every 5 blocks? This is for a manual tree farm. Are there any other requirements as well? I saw that the base doesn't need any space but the top does somewhere and haven't seen it since. How should I grow my dark oak?

  • Why don't you literally just test it? May 3 at 12:37
  • Well I'm lazy and I want reputation, as well as to help others having the same problem, so here I am @theonlygusti May 3 at 13:27
  • Of course, you could answer your own question, thus getting more reputation, assuming that over-balances the laziness...
    – Cyclops
    May 3 at 14:40
  • You're not wrong lol May 3 at 17:58

According to the Minecraft Wiki found here:

Dark oak needs at least 7 spaces above (4×4 column) and must be planted as 4 saplings in a 2×2 square.

So, having four blocks of available space around the saplings should be sufficient.

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    Four blocks of space including the saplings (like plant a two-by-two with one block around it everywhere) or four blocks of space on each side (plant a two-by-two with four blocks around it everywhere)? I'm guessing it's the first, but thanks! May 3 at 0:44
  • @TheCodedMasterCubing I believe it is the first option you gave. May 3 at 3:32
  • Thanks so much! May 3 at 17:58
  • You are welcome. :) May 3 at 18:01

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