Minecraft freezes so much that it is unplayable, even though I get a good 5 FPS at minimum graphics settings.

There is no option to disable "auto saving" option in minecraft, and I wish there is. Is there any way to disable auto saving? I have forge installed so I can use mods to turn it off.

  • are u 100% sure autosave is even the problem? – Penguin May 3 at 2:08
  • Minecraft is almost 10 years old. There's some serious problems if you are having 5 FPS during regular play. Is it happening with a new world too? – Nelson May 3 at 4:03
  • "A good 5 fps?" That's a typo, right? Anyway, do you happen to run the experimental builds with the data-pack for the new cave content installed? In that case: There is a common issue with hickups on walking across chunk borders which also makes my latest world pretty unplayable. That's not related to the autosave system, but could be mistaken for such. – Philipp May 3 at 9:53
  • Autosave happens every 40 seconds. Do these freezes happen every 40 seconds? If not, autosave is not at fault. – SF. May 4 at 8:32
  • @Nelson 5 FPS is still absolute trash but just because it's 10 years old means nothing. Minecraft can run at a slightly higher FPS than a CoD game for me, because it uses Java and is terribly slow. If he has that I'm guessing he has his settings maxed out on a laptop thats low or mid tier – Penguin May 5 at 2:49

You can't disable them, however you can change how often Minecraft autosaves with OptiFine.

Find the setting under Main Menu => Options => Video Settings => Other => Autosave Interval (bottom-most button).

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