I'm playing "Chaos on Deponia" on Switch, and I already consulted a walkthrough, but it doesn't work.

So I went to join the Unorganized Crime and shaved Donnas Cat which got me into the dialog where she wants to throw me to the shark. Since none of the options worked, I finally used Go ahead, which should, according to the walkthrough, convince Donna that I'm worthy to join, but this didn't happen and consequently I didn't get the "Tournament Hand`, or I'm looking in the wrong place. According to the walkthrough I should now

Get through the bridge and take the Tournament Hand

but I don't know which bridge is meant. I don't see such a bridge. When I go back to Donna there is no dialog anymore, and now I'm stuck. Either there is something I'm doing wrong, or this is a bug.

I certainly don't want to replay the full game, as it autosaves and I can't go back.

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