In this question I don't care about perks, enchantments or armor value. I only care about how fast the skills level up. We assume that the following buffs are in play:

Wearing more heavy armor pieces increases the speed at which the skill levels, However I wasn't able to find any information detailing exactly how this works. So how would the leveling speed be affected by replacing the heavy armor helmet with the Aetherial Crown containing The Lover Stone?

Since there are 4 armor pieces it might be natural to assume that removing the helmet reduces leveling speed by 25%. However another possibility is that armor with a higher armor rating count for more, which means the helmet would account for about 21% of the total armor so replacing it would reduce leveling speed by 21%. The wiki didn't give any details on how the leveling speed is calculated so I honestly don't know. If it's only a 25% reduction it would be somewhat offset by the 15% leveling bonus from Aetherial Crown, making a small sacrifice in armor leveling speed for a large bonus to leveling speed of all other skills.

Interestingly the wiki page for Light Armor does not indicate that the number of pieces worn affects leveling speed. If that is true it could be worth it to replace our heavy boots with light boots in the Scenario above to level up light armor at the same time. I suspect that this is simply an oversight on the wiki?

Can anyone help clarify how armor skill leveling speed would be affected by the above mentioned scenarios?

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