Sometimes in a match on Faceit, my fps drop from ~300 to 20. Opening the ingame console and typing "logadress_add 1" will freeze my game for 3-5 seconds and afterwards my fps are back to normal. What is happening and why does the command help?


This command is only one of many possible solutions to temporarily fix the fps bug.

logaddress_add xy does nothing to the game itself. It is used for adding external hosts to the game. These hosts will receive a live game log (such as Go TV or client software like HLSW).

  • So why does it work?

It causes a small lag. This lag temporarily "fixes" the bug. That's about it.

  • Don't other commands cause lag too?

Yep. And they work just fine. You could as well start/stop recording a demo, change graphic settings or whatever you can think of to cause a small lag. Most of them will work too.

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