I'm playing minecraft bedrock in mobile. I'm gonna make a kelp farm. I need to find the age of kelp in bedrock edition. It will be in debug screen for java, but how can I do it in bedrock? Please help me.

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    I'm not sure how finding the age of individual plants would help you. Kelp will grow the same random 2 to 26 blocks as on Java, which gets re-randomized after each harvest. That means your farm should be able to deal with every possible value and in case you have uneven sea bottom to deal with, you can just build up any plants (by placing kelp manually on top of the plant) to get them within reach of the harvester if that's your farm design.
    – SF.
    May 13 at 7:59
  • Thanks I thought it won't change after harvesting
    – JRBros
    May 15 at 5:44

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