The advert (for Virgin Media) features two people playing an online game, who then have a video chat.

Here is a still from the advert showing them in the game:

two online avatars, one in a wheelchair holding a giant gem

I'm particularly interested in finding the name of the game as it allows your avatar in the game to use a wheelchair (I'm not looking for recommendations on other games however).

I'm fully aware the game may not exist outside of the advert, but as I am not in the loop I couldn't say for certain. As such, stating the negative would be an acceptable answer.


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It looks like this game is not a real production, but rather a demo animation developed exclusively for Virgin Media’s “Faster Brings us Closer” ad campaign.

You can read more about the marketing plan and agencies responsible for this commercial from this article. No games or programmers are mentioned, only executives and visual effects artists.

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