I just found out how item tags work and now I'm trying to check if the player is holding the sword with the tag. When I try to /execute if entity @e[nbt={SelectedItem:[{tag:{awakened:1b}}]}] the test fails

but when i Try this command it works. /execute if entity @e[nbt={Inventory:[{tag:{awakened:1b}}]}] it works. I am holding the item and it still doesn't want to work

If you are wondering this is the give command I used to get the tagged sword.

/give @p minecraft:diamond_sword{Unbreakable:1,HideFlags:1,Enchantments:[{id:"minecraft:sharpness",lvl:8}],awakened:1b,display:{Name:'[{"text":"Awakened arkhalis"}]'}} 1

SelectedItem is not a list and therefore does not take square brackets. Try /execute if entity @e[nbt={SelectedItem:{tag:{awakened:1b}}}] instead.

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