I finished the game once and unlocked "Wesker mode". There are some achievements, that are associated with this mode (like Welcome to team Wesker), so I'm about to start it, but I'm not sure if I can get regular achievements (like "no mixing herbs" and "no healing spray use") there as well.

Can I get all the regular achievements in Wesker mode? If not, which ones are completable there?

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Yes, you can.

I've just finished the Wesker Mode, and I was able to complete following achievements (with couple of reloads of cause):

  • no heal run;
  • no healing spray use;
  • no herb mix;
  • all herb mixes;
  • kill bosses with Rebecca.

However, there was no rank for me at the results screen, so I assume you cannot get "S rank" achievement in this mode.

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