I'm trying to replace the top half of the door with a trap door and the bottom with another trap door of a different type.

The problem though, is that one segment of the door always seems to break, even if /fill is used. Using /fill to make it all air or all of one trap door type and then switching it over doesn't work either.

I've tried about 20 different combinations of command block/position orders and nothing seems to work.

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    I dont believe this is possible without world edit or other mods/plugins – Penguin May 24 at 23:20
  • Just letting you know that /setblock (and I think /fill too) have a bug right now that creates a block update, making any illegal stuff like replacing half a door or a standalone inner stair not really possible right now :( – Jam May 27 at 4:43

You can use the /fill command like this to complete this:

/fill <starting block> <ending block> <blockname> 0 replace <block to replace>

That then should simply replace the block you inserted at the end.

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