I'm playing v1.16 with Forge v36.1.0. I used WorldEdit on a previously-played world to edit a selection - I regenerated the blocks in it and change the biome vertically (made a 2D selection and //expanded with vert).

Now no hostile mobs spawn in that area.

I can confirm that mobs spawn outside of what I remember the selection is - both on the ground, below ground and above ground - but not inside that area.

It didn't happen before the editing with WorldEdit but I can't verify that because I was playing on Peaceful for almost all the time.

I tried contracted WorldEdit developers but they didn't know why that happened and thought this doesn't have to do with WorldEdit.

Can anyone please help me debug this? I don't even know where to start.

I used /gamerule doMobSpawning true but it didn't help.

Update: I made 2 almost-identical hollow boxes of width 1 (boxes whose walls are 1 blocks-wide) in area where I did see hostile mobs spawn naturally. The light levels inside of them were 0 - hostile mobs spawn at 7 or less to my understanding. One of them I made with WorldEdit with //replace and various //expands and //contracts, and one of them I made manually by placing blocks. The one I made with WorldEdit didn't have mobs spawn inside, and the one I built manually did.

So I'm pretty sure it has to do with WorldEdit causing this.

  • While I can't say for sure, it's possible that when you used WorldEdit it erased, or did not put, any mob spawn points into the section you edited. – Kadima May 26 at 20:24
  • Oh, I did not know that there are mob spawns points. Do you know how can I view (and edit) spawn points in v1.16? I tried doing some googling but didn't find information on how to do that. I want to check the idea you hypothesized. – HappyCuppy May 27 at 15:12
  • @Kadima I talked to a WorldEdit developer and they said that mob spawn points "isn't a thing". What's your background in regards to Minecraft? – HappyCuppy May 27 at 15:28
  • Minimal. I don't play, but a lot of my friends do and talk to me about it. I thought one of them had mentioned something like that, but I could easily be wrong. That's why I started the comment with "I can't say for sure, it's possible..." instead of providing an answer. – Kadima May 27 at 18:22
  • Oh, I thought the uncertainty is due to you not having much information. Thanks, I'm keeping on investigating this. – HappyCuppy May 27 at 19:11

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