So I want to summon lapis using a command block in 1.12.2 But I don't know what ID it is. I tried Lapis lazuli and dye4 and dyeblue and bluedye and dye_4 and nothing worked.


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According to MinecraftItemIDs.com, the Item ID for lapis lazuli is minecraft:lapis_lazuli. The ID that you would need to use instead of the last one, is minecraft:dye because the version that you are using is 1.12.2.

Here is the command you would want to use to give yourself lapis:

/give @p minecraft:dye 1

You can change the number 1 to whatever number of lapis you want.

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    You need to specify the type of dye, so the correct command for lapis lazuli would be /give @p minecraft:dye <amount> 4
    – ginkgo
    Commented May 28, 2021 at 12:54

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