What is the fastest system to travel horizontally in Minecraft 1.16.5?

  • "Travel" suggests "for the player": is that what you mean? And what does "horizontal" mean: perpendicular to the ground, over the ground itself, whether it's flat or noisy, or through the air? – Joachim Jun 4 at 15:13
  • Yes, for the player. And horizontal means parallel to the ground. Doesn't have to be touching it or completely flat. – tsadema Jun 5 at 8:10
  • Thanks. And 'parallel', indeed - not perpendicular :) – Joachim Jun 5 at 8:30

Using hundreds of TNT to propel an ender pearl or a player wearing an elytra.

Here is a famous ender pearl cannon:

This is an older video and many newer designs have been created.

Here is a player cannon I saw:

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