My friends can't join my IP server. I've got it all set up, I gave them the right IP, but when they try to join, it simply says 'can't connect to server'. I've also gotten this error:

[01:25:05] [Server thread/WARN]: Can't keep up! Is the server overloaded? Running 3281ms or 65 ticks behind

But I'm not sure if that's related to them joining. I'm on macOS, and when I use the IP to join my own server, it works just fine. Could someone help me out?

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    What hardware are you running the server on? That's essentially a message from the server saying it's trying its best but can't handle the load you're giving it. I got that message when running a server on my raspberry pi – Jam Jun 3 at 23:43
  • I'm running the server on a macbook pro. – Paul Stack Jun 3 at 23:49
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    But what cpu are you using and how much memory is allocated? Also are you running your minecraft instance on the same computer? – Jam Jun 4 at 0:26
  • For context, running a server on your laptop while you're also playing on it means that your laptop is doing double-duty as both a server and a client; that can be really taxing depending on the world and such, even if you've got reasonably powerful computer. – zcoop98 Jun 4 at 4:11

I suppose the problem is that you did not port forward the server. I know that it is necessary in order to allow your friends to join, but I myself have never done that, so I may not be able to help in port forwarding, but I can link a few tutorials to you which might help.

How to setup a java 1.16.5 server.

Port forwarding for any Minecraft version.

Also, to resolve your second issue, that is the message that says "server can't keep up, x ticks behind" means that you have not allocated enough ram to your server, due to which the server is experiencing lag. To fix this, the following links might help.

Website link (non video tutorial)

Video link (video tutorial)

If you already port forwarded, but still your friends can't join, consider reporting to Mojang about this issue. I hope this helped, if not, sorry.

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