So, I have finally reached the end of my first playthrough of Sekiro, and I have set myself up for choosing one of 3 endings (the "Shura" ending excluded). However, I'm not sure which ending I should choose.

In terms of difficulty, as I progress through NG, which endings in what order would be easiest to achieve?

For example, Shura would be the easiest ending to achieve, but then I would have to do all the prep for the other ending(s) in NG+ and above. The Dragon's Homecoming ending is the most convoluted, but doesn't require additional bossfights (I.e. Father Owl to retrieve the Aromatic Flower from the alternate Hirata Estate Memory).

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I had the same question when I was getting the Platinum Trophy. I found that the easiest way to get all the endings (in the same save) is by following this order:

  • Purification (hardest because you need to beat Owl (Father)). I also recommend you to beat the Demon of Hatred in your first new game [NG].
  • Return [NG+].
  • Immortal Severance [NG+1].
  • Shura [NG+2].

There is a very nice guide to obtain each ending in this link.

Starting on NG+, you may hit the wall with some bosses. If that happens, I strongly recommend you to practice using the Free DLC Reflections of Strength. In my case, I need to practice dozens of times the fight with Isshin, The Sword Saint before I was able to defeat it successfully in NG+ and beyond.

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