While outside the world border, I take tons of damage and would like to find a way to heal more than my previous solution.

I am using world border as a function in my minigame and being out of world border is part of the minigame as world border size will shrink to 0 forcing players to heal up.

My way to survive being outside the border currently is to use Lingering Potions of Healing 2. This way was still not fast enough and I died.

Here is the world border settings:

/worldborder damage buffer 0
/worldborder damage amount 17.5
/worldborder center ~10 ~10
/worldborder set 10
  • Don't go outside the world border?
    – Ben
    Jun 14 at 0:35
  • @Ben I am making something that involves surviving the world border. Its more like a don't go out the world border, you will have to survive the world border because I will make it shrink to 0. Jun 14 at 1:39
  • fair enough, it might be worthwhile adding that to your post. Normally the point of the world border is to stop people from going too far, and therefore save the server from having to load too much all at once.
    – Ben
    Jun 14 at 1:43

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