I have been trying to use command block to make custom named arrows that summon lightning at the spot they strike. What I want to do is shoot an arrow named 'vajra', and when it strikes the ground, lightning strikes the spot a few times. I want this to happen to only the arrows named 'vajra'. Whatever command I have been trying to use until now executes on all arrows. The nearest I got to executing a command on a custom named entity was on custom named mobs; I can cause lightning to summon on a custom name mob with a certain name, however, the same code does not work for arrows.

Can someone tell me the code to capture this task?


Named arrows don't keep their name data after being shot, so you would have to use data from a tipped arrow in specifying where to summon lightning.

I am using a custom potion color so the item can't be crafted, and this color would be kept in the arrow entity data.

/give @p tipped_arrow{CustomPotionColor:16776960,CustomPotionEffects:[{Id:15,Duration:1,Amplifier:0}],display:{Name:'[{"text":"vajra"}]'}} 1

Then you can use a selector to summon lightning at arrows with this custom color.

/execute at @e[nbt={Color:16776960,inGround:1b}] run summon minecraft:lightning_bolt
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    Wow this is a neat solution, what I did instead was to use scoreboard objectives to make a lightning bow instead, all arrows shot from it are lightning arrows. Jun 20 at 6:15

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