I was recently trying out a few things in 1.17 and thought I'd start with displaying an entitys Pos[] with armorstand names. The problem is that I can't get selector argument to work in JSON format anymore, only "name".

data merge block -11 31 5 {Text1:'{"score":{"objective":"x_pos","selector":"@p"}}'}

That does not work, whilst it used to, but this does

data merge block -11 31 5 {Text1:'{"score":{"name":"__Myth_","selector":"@p","objective":"x_pos"}}'}

Any ideas?

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Oops! You're mistaking the purpose of selector.

selector is used outside score to display the results of a target selector:


If you want to display a score, you don't use selector inside of it. You instead put the selector as the name component:

  • Oh right, I reread the wiki and it does kinda state that. Was looking at an example someone wrote online that used selector as its own argument. Well anyways thank you
    – nisse26a
    Jun 18, 2021 at 15:45

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