I got extremley lucky when fishing and got a book with a lot of enchants... it has thorns 2, Depth strider 3, Bane of athropods 4, quick charge 2, and channeling.

I do have a trident (2 actually, I got 2 in a row. I am lucky)

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  • Thorns isn't the best enchantment, so you shouldn't really put it on many things. It takes away 3 durability points if another enemy hits you and it gets damaged by the piece of armor.

  • Bane of Arthropods is a really bad enchantment. It only works on a few mobs such as spiders, and silverfish (and a few more) by doing a bit more damage to them.

  • Quick charge is a good enchantment that allows crossbows to charge faster (which can be useful, actually! quick charge can go up to level 3). Channeling is an enchantment that allows you to summon a bolt of lightning during a thunderstorm.

  • Channeling can sometimes be useful (for collecting mob heads) but is also hard to use, because thunderstorms are very rare.

  • Probably the best enchantment to use in this situation is Depth Strider 3, because it allows you to swim as fast as you can walk on land.

In this situation, Depth Strider 3 is the enchantment to use.

Note: Thorns will also be added to your boots, which means that it will take more durability, so try adding mending or unbreaking.

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