I have MCPE on mobile and mostly play it on controller.

After playing other PC games (like krunker) I thought to start playing on my laptop (main reason is that I am getting a new beefy PC)

P.S I have actually brought Minecraft from the Playstore And thus have a ligit Microsoft account linked with MC

Main Problem

I want to know if it possible to play the windows 10 edition of Minecraft if I have my Microsoft account linked with my Minecraft PE Android application.

My Thoughts

I think there might be two methods.


If my Microsoft account (let's say it is ex@gmail.com) is linked to my MCPE and I signed my Microsoft store account with the same account ex@gmail.com it will be free


I have all MCPE files in my phone. Can I transfer it to PC and play (of course not 😂) my Android files are .APK and and windows supports .EXE files so I think either I get an Android emulator (has very slim chances of working now that I think about it) or convert my APK file to EXE file (problem is I can't find my Minecraft.APK file)


Plz tell me if any of my methods will work.

P.S: I am a stack-overflow user on PC but wrote this in phone so plz forgive any formatting mistakes or spelling mistakes and/or unclear sentences 🙂🙂


If you want to play the Windows 10 Edition, you still have to buy it even if you have the mobile game with a microsoft account. I have bedrock edition on my phone, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox, and I have always had to buy Minecraft on each device.

  • Alright, thank you so much for the info.
    – Crypto
    Jul 2 at 17:30

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