Aiming cross at the center of the wood block, bow fully drawn, never moving the cursor, distance: 16 blocks, this is the spread I achieve.

enter image description here

And this is my shooting from 32 blocks away, aiming at the upper edge of the wool target, horizontally center.

enter image description here

This abysmal accuracy doesn't only apply to bows - all projectiles, including enderpearls, snowballs, eggs, fly with extreme amount of randomness, much worse than on any other regular server I played on. The difficulty is set to Hard. This happens regardless of TPS lag, network lag, or who's doing the shooting. Achievements like "Sniper Duel" are a total pipe dream, at 50 blocks the arrows have several chunks of spread. Nobody, including the admin, has a clue why this happens, and how to fix it. Can anybody help?

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It seems the server somehow entered a persistent glitched state where accuracy was the same as on Peaceful. Switching difficulty to Normal and then back to Hard fixed the issue.

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