Do any bosses outside their zone, drop their drops?

For example, the non-Forest-of-Supplication White Gale, does it drop Pheasant Feathers? Or am I just really unlucky, killing it ~20 or more times, with the Material Drop Boost hat, and not even seeing one Feather?

I'm talking about the bosses in:

Amagaeshi shrine

Although... I am restricted to...

the one on the 35rd floor...

Other enemies and their drops would be the Black Shadow, and its Black Deer Leather, the Purple Scourge and its Boar Tusk... The Crimson Current... I don't think have any special drops?

I just want to know if any of the bosses have the drops, so I can at least grind White Gale with some knowledge.

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After testing from the asker, it appears that the wiki may be wrong. However, this is still the most thorough answer so it will remain until more testing can be done.

Based on my research, I'd say that yes, it is possible to get these drops in the area you mentioned by killing the bosses, listed here on the Fandom page for the Pheasant Feather, here for the Black Deer Leather, and here for the Boar Tusk.

This answer is specifically referring to

Amagaeshi Shrine

I found a post on Reddit linking to a Japanese Wiki for the game detailing the drops for the area. I'd include the all drops here, but the tables are too massive so I'll just include the few I believe to be relevant. It states that

levels 55 and 60

have a rare drop of a Boar Fang (which I believe to be a Google Translate issue), or Boar Tusk. It also mentions a Hakuchi Feather which I believe is a mistranslation for Pheasant Feather for these floors as well.

I also found the Fandom page for the area, and it lists Pheasant Feathers as possible loot, as well as Boar Tusks. There is also a post on Gamefaqs mentioning one of your concerned items in the area as well:

floor 11-15 for boar tusk chance

  • Interesting... So, if I were strong enough to take on those places, I'd get them guaranteed... But no info on whether the monsters / demons drop them by themselves...
    – Malady
    Commented Jul 29, 2021 at 21:23
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    Thanks for the info! Gonna spend some time grinding White Gale to see if the Wiki info is true!
    – Malady
    Commented Jul 30, 2021 at 14:37
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    If it is, then I'm not seeing it, at the location I'm doing it at... Adding a note that the wiki might be wrong, would make me happy that the only answer, and auto-bountied, is as accurate as it can be?
    – Malady
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    @Regneade - If you do end up buying, tell me, and I'll rebounty at 100, to toss some your way?
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