I have successfully gotten through the gate with a glitch, but when I press the button to open the door, nothing happens and I am stuck on the other side of the gate until I eventually load my last quick save.

I cannot go back to before I met her, as I did not make saves through the game and would be going back to the beginning. I just want Serena to stop following me. I can’t even trade things with her or tell her to wait somewhere.


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This happened to me aswell. I fixed this by loading a save before I met serena then I went and discovered the castle(her home) with her following you. If this is confusing then what I mean is, do not have the castle volkihar discovered until serena is following you.

  • The OP says they don't have a save from before meeting Serana. Commented Aug 1, 2021 at 15:08

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