enter image description hereI'm trying to replace stone_slab with double_stone_slab using the /fill command:

/fill -83,4,-369 -79,3,-375 double_stone_slab 0 replace stone_slab

However, every time I execute the command, it states:

0 blocks placed.

I've placed about 10 stone_slab in the target area.

How can I replace stone_slab with double_stone_slab?

NOTE: I want to replace the bottom slab. I do NOT want a slab on top.

enter image description here

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    Welcome to arqade.se ^^ Take the tour and read the help center if in need of guidance.
    – Zoma
    Jul 20 at 15:18
  • Can you supply the values you're using for your fill coordinates (start and end please), along with the start and end coordinates of the slabs you're trying to place? It could be as simple as a misaligned y value, you never know. Jul 20 at 15:32
  • x=-28 y= 5 z= -358 x= -48 y= 3 z =-374
    – Reece
    Jul 20 at 16:12
  • What are the start and ending coordinates for the stone slabs you're trying to replace? Jul 20 at 16:28
  • Can you give us the in-game names for the slabs on the left and the slabs on the right? Jul 20 at 19:46

I'll start by saying that a double slab, by definition is the combination of a top and bottom slab of the same kind. So trying to replace a stone_slab with double_stone_slab will NOT result in a bottom only slab. With that, what it appears that you're trying to do is replace any top stone_slab with bottom stone_slab, which is easy to achieve.

I began by filling a 5x1x5 area with top only stone_slab using the /fill command: {1}

/fill ~ ~ ~ ~5 ~ ~5 stone_slab 8

Screenshot of the results of the fill command execution.

From here, I then used the the /fill command adding the replace argument to specify that I wanted to replace all top stone_slab with bottom stone_slab: {2}

/fill ~ ~ ~ ~5 ~ ~5 stone_slab 0 replace stone_slab 8

Screenshot of the results of the fill command execution with the replace argument.

1. Specifying a block state of 8 designates a top only stone_slab.

2. Specifying a block state of 0 designates a bottom only stone_slab.

NOTE: I moved around while tinkering with command output between screenshots, so the coordinates are different, but the point is the same.

  • Hi thanks for the help but I think I've put it wrong I've put up an image so you can see what I mean I don't want to move the slabs I just want to change the slabs from the ones on the left to the ones on the right
    – Reece
    Jul 20 at 18:26

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