I've finished Tacoma recently on PlayStation and one of the available achievements is the "Catsitter". I could find the cat on E.V's office, medical and cryogenics. Where else can I find that cat?

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    I once pet a cat in the city of Tacoma. Does that count?
    – PausePause
    Jul 21, 2021 at 20:43
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    @PausePause It counts if you can tell me where I can find it! :)
    – parakeet
    Jul 21, 2021 at 21:07

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According to this guide, there is a total of 7 different emplacements where you can spot the cat.
There are two in the personnel module, two more in the biomedical module, another two in the engineering module, and the last one is in the hub.

Here's the precise location for each one (taken from linked guide, to avoid potential deadlink later) :

Personnel Module

Cat location for Administration zone in Personnel Module During the main Crew Recording in Administration, look into the Conference Room where E.V. St. James is pacing to find the housecat curled up on a chair in the corner.

Cat location for Operations zone in Personnel Module During the main Crew Recording in Operations, move into the Laundry Room and look up along the piping and vents to find the housecat asleep on top of some vents.

Biomedical Module

Cat location for Botany zone in Biomedical Module During the main Crew Recording in Botany, follow Sareh into Food Storage and look in the room on the left for vats of meat products, and in a hole in the grating above you can spot the housecat.

Cat location for Medical zone in Biomedical Module During the main Crew Recording in Medical, enter Sarah's medical exam area and head into the Imaging room, where you can find the housecat hiding under the main table.

Engineering Module

Mechanical Engineering
Cat location for Mechanical Engineering zone in Engineering Module During the main Crew Recording in Mechanical Engineering, head left from the main entrance into the Power Cell Room, and look up in the left corner above the cells to find the house cat asleep on top of some power cells.

Network Technology
Cat location for Network Technology zone in Engineering Module Once you spot the first of Sareh' AR Crew Recordings, turn around from Sareh and look up towards the windowsills at the top of the main area with the stairs to find the housecat asleep near the windowsill at the highest point - opposite the newly opened door.

The Hub

There is one sighting of the housecat in The Hub, only available at the end of the game.

Cat location in the hub Once you've left the Engineering Module with ODIN's AI Wetware in hand, you'll view on last main AR Crew Recording. You can find the housecat safely in E.V.'s arms as they prepare to leave.

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