I can't seem to find their crafting recipes anywhere. I tried going to the forge at Inazuma City, but no one is selling or offering it. I figured it might have something to do with the City Reputation system, but it's not available in the list of rewards. I checked the Divine Sakura tree and that's not listed as a reward either, granted I can't see that far up the list.

So now I'm curious -- where do I get the blueprints for these weapons? As far as I remember the blueprints for craftable Liyue and Mondstadt weapons were there from the start, but it seems my Forge does not have those blueprints at all which I assume you have to unlock.

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Amenoma Kageuchi (Inazuma sword)

  1. Complete the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual quest until you obtain the Memento Lens item
  2. Complete the Strange Story in Konda quest
  3. Rescue the stranger atop of Jinren Island
  4. Collect 4 Stone Tablets scattered across Inazuma
  5. Complete the Farmer's Treasure quest to obtain the blueprint for the sword.

Katsuragikiri Nagamasa (Inazuma claymore)

  1. Complete the Tatara Tales questline until the rift barriers have been destroyed.
  2. Find the 3 Key To Some Place in Tatarasuna
  3. Unlock the Open Arsenal Gate at the bottom of Tatarasuna.

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  1. Defeat the Ruin Automatons, open the chest, and claim the blueprint.

Hakushin Ring (Inazuma catalyst)

  1. Complete the entire Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual questline to obtain the Mask of Memories item. Using this item unlocks the recipe for the catalyst.

Kitain Cross Spear (Inazuma polearm)

  1. Complete the entire Orobashi's Legacy questline to receive the blueprint.

Hamayumi (Inazuma bow)

  1. Collect 3 conches every day and turn them into Takashi in his shell hut in north Kannazuka.
  2. Open 1 of the 3 chests (does not matter).
  3. On the 7th day of turning in 3 conches you will receive the blueprint for the Hamayumi bow.

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