How do I determine whether my pokemon scales with physical or special damage?

It seems like neither type, range/melee, roles, nor colour on moves indicates the scaling of each pokemon's attack.

I have done some testing individually, but I see no pattern nor information that the game provides in an accessible spot - am I missing something?

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Update: This is now accessible in-game since the patch!

Under the "Pokémon" menu, you can check under the Pokémon name in the left side:

Charizard is based on Attack

Pikachu is based on Sp. Attack

You're right: the game doesn't provide this information in an accessible spot.

As far as I know, the only way to test this is by playing in Practice Mode, and comparing the damage inflicted to the clone with / without some equipped items.

People have already done the hard work for us, so I'll just quote Serebii here:

Pokémon Attack Type
Venusaur Special
Charizard Physical
Blastoise Special
Pikachu Special
Alolan Ninetales Special
Wigglytuff Special
Machamp Physical
Slowbro Special
Gengar Special
Mr. Mime Special
Snorlax Physical
Blissey Special
Gardevoir Special
Absol Physical
Garchomp Physical
Lucario Physical
Mamoswine Physical
Crustle Physical
Greninja Physical
Talonflame Physical
Sylveon Special
Zeraora Physical
Cinderace Physical
Greedent Physical
Eldegoss Special
Cramorant Special

Note that the basic attack of each Pokémon might use a different attack type than listed.

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