When an enemy is coated in A.C.I.D., they take double damage. When a Shell Psion is on the field, all enemies take one less damage.

So say both effects are in play, and I hit the enemy with an attack that deals n damage. Does it take 2n damage due to the A.C.I.D., but reduced by one because of the Psion, for a total of 2n-1? Or does the attack only deal n-1 damage because of the Psion, which is then doubled because of the A.C.I.D. for a total of 2n-2?


In fact, A.C.I.D. just entirely cancels the effect of the Shell Psion, so you'll deal 2n damage. It looks like this:

enter image description here

You can see the Shell Psion buff icon is crossed out.

  • Certain enemies, mechs, and Abe can have armor naturally. A.C.I.D. also removes it.
    – Studoku
    Jul 26 at 10:51

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