I need to take string input from the player, so my idea was to use a written book and then just strike it with lighting once input was taken, but there's a problem, kinda big, the "text" inside of a book page is a dictionary, but inside a string, so there's no way to acess the actual text of the book without the whole dictionary baggage, so a page with "hello world" written on it would be '{"text":"hello world"}'. Thank you for reading my question, and I'd appreciate an answer.

  • What have you tried to do to solve your issue? Jul 26 at 3:38
  • Not sure what you mean with the dictionary. The text inside the book is contents of its NBT tag and most definitely just text. - unless you try to extract it off compressed save data?
    – SF.
    Jul 26 at 9:37
  • Welcome to Arqade! What is the value of the string input you're taking? Are you accepting any input or just a select few?
    – Regnegade
    Jul 26 at 13:56

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