I recently downloaded Minecraft from the Microsoft Store and have been playing for a month or two. I decided to try out a few mods and that led me to realise that I had Minecraft Bedrock not Java, and after reading a few articles I believe it is not possible to downloads mods on Minecraft Bedrock. Is there any way for me to 'switch' to Java or get a discount or refunded on Minecraft to get Minecraft Bedrock?

Or if you can download mods on Bedrock, could you please tell me how?


Unfortunately no.

Technically, Minecraft is sold as a separate product on each platform you can play it on, even though there two types remaining:

For example, even though I own for , , and , I had to purchase each product separately:

  • Minecraft
  • Minecraft for Windows 10
  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition

The same was true for . I had to purchase it as a separate product, even though I owned three other versions at the time of purchase. Subsequently, this will also hold true for every other platform that is available on.

Note: See the tag for a complete list of supported platforms.

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