I own on , and . I like having the flexibility of being able to transition between the three platforms and take my creative worlds on the go through my Realms subscription. However, I recently began playing Minecraft in survival mode and that journey began on the XBOX One version of the game.

I earned many achievements during my first day of survival and some of them were for very basic things such as:

  • Opening the Inventory
  • Making a Crafting Table
  • Creating a Pickaxe
  • Crafting a Better Pickaxe

Subsequently, when I started playing in survival on my phone last night, I earned those same achievements a second time, netting myself an additional 55 gamerscore:

Screenshot of all three titles in the achievements pane on Windows 10.

This made me curious however...

Although it doesn't appear that way at a glance due to matching available gamerscores, are there achievements available in one version of Minecraft that aren't available in another? For example, are there achievements available in the version that aren't available in the version?

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No, there are no achievements that are specific to a device for .

This is true, no matter the device you're playing on (see the tag for a full list of compatible devices). Per the fandom wiki, there is a single list of achievements:

There are 114 achievements in Bedrock Edition...

While there is nothing explicitly stating that there are not any achievements specific to device types, there is also nothing explicitly stating that there are, which leads to the inference that there is a singular list of achievements.

After a grueling hour and a half of cross-comparing the achievements between , and versions of the game in the XBOX app, I can say with 99% confidence that the answer is no, all achievements have the same score, title, and description, across all versions.

Note: See the aforementioned fandom wiki for a complete list of achievements available in .

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