The description for Pin 039 (Cherry Bomb) states:

Slam the target with an object from above. The object is chosen at random during charging. Enemies struck by large objects will be knocked down.

What exactly counts as a large object? I assume the red phone booth counts as large, but I'm unsure about items like the moped.

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It turns out Cherry Bomb actually has three types of objects.

  • Small (no stun, 1x damage): Bicycle, floor sign
  • Large (stuns, 3.5x damage): Moped, phone booth
  • Extra large (stuns, 5x damage): Car

I tested this by equipping a mastered Cherry Bomb pin to a character with 100 attack, repeatedly fighting Mosh Grizzlies on Day 2, and recording the damage done. Each object fit within damage ranges of 32-34, 110-115, or 158-163.

Spreadsheet of attack damage

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