I heard that dungeons spawn under villages in Minecraft bedrock edition, is this true or is this just a myth? Also if the data is available and they do spawn under villages what is the chance of it happening?

  • I'll leave the chance of it happening to someone much smarter than myself because there's a lot to take into account with the mathematics on it. I can say though that in BE there's a 2/3 chance for a village to be generated within 500 blocks of the initial world spawn point. Aug 4 at 20:34

Yes, dungeons can spawn under villages in .

According to the wiki, dungeons can spawn underground, anywhere above sea level:

In Bedrock Edition, dungeons can generate as underground structures above sea level.

With this, there are some rules that are followed as dungeons are generated:

For each chunk, 8 attempts are made to generate a dungeon; it is possible, though unlikely, for multiple attempts to succeed. For each attempt, a location and size (an open area with a width and length of 7, 9, or 11 and a height of 6) is chosen. The attempt succeeds if the following conditions are met:

  • The floor area (including under the walls) of the potential dungeon must be entirely solid.
  • The ceiling area (including over the walls) of the potential dungeon must be entirely solid. The ceiling blocks may be gravity-affected such as gravel or sand, which fall if disturbed by the player.
  • The walls of the potential dungeon must have 1–5 openings (2-high air blocks) at floor level.

As a result, since dungeons can occur in any biome, anywhere above sea level, it is possible for dungeons to be generated under villages.

Also, in version 1.16 using the seed 1363703574 will generate a dungeon directly under a village (feel free to verify, it no longer works in 1.17):

  • Can I ask when you started playing @Taco タコス?
    – Mike Z.
    Aug 4 at 20:42
  • @MikeZ. I've been playing creative since around the time it was released for XBOX 360, only got in-depth with it around a year ago though. Aug 4 at 20:53

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