I'm making this parkour map with my friends on a server so I made a function for the checkpoints but only one of the commands is working, here is the function:

playsound minecraft:entity.arrow.hit_player ambient koky_man456 
title @s actionbar {"text":"Checkpoint!","color":"gold"}

Only the playsound command is working, the title command isn't working can someone help?

  • Welcome to the Arqade! Do you have any error messages related to your checkpoint commands? Aug 12 at 3:15

You'll want to @p or @a.

title @s actionbar {"text":"Checkpoint!","color":"gold"}

In a command block @s is nobody (aka. the command block itself), and therefore won't display to anyone. Try putting it as @p or @a[distance=..10].

You'll want to use @s if it was execute as @p title @s actionbar {"text":"Checkpoint!","color":"gold"}.

See Target Selectors for more information.

  • They never said it was a command block. It is a function. Aug 12 at 5:45
  • Only happens if you're using a command block
    – aytimothy
    Aug 12 at 7:36

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