I've currently got the Witcher 3 main game on Steam and I'd like to install the two DLCs. Is it possible to purchase (legal) activation keys via a different website (given that games are often cheaper outside Steam) and to enter them via the "Activate a Product on Steam" box? I know that this is easy to do with standalone games, but I'd like to check that it works with DLCs as well. Thanks!

Edit: I see that most websites sell GOG keys, which probably aren't compatible with Steam. Could I buy the GOTY edition on GOG and transfer the saves?


Yes, absolutely. Ensure that you own the base game on steam, and DLC keys will work as intended.


I did exactly this with Dark Souls 3 and its expansions and it worked. So I guess for The Witcher 3 too.

Could I buy the GOTY edition on GOG and transfer the saves?

The saves are saved in %USERPROFILE%\Documents\The Witcher 3\gamesaves\ (Source), both when running the game from GOG and Steam. So yes you can and you don't even need to transfer the saves, they're already there.

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