Is there anyway to view a list of Boos you've already captured on a Luigi's Mansion 3 save file?

There doesn't seem to be anything in the gallery - although I can see regular ghosts and the gem list.

I haven't played my save file in a while, and I know I captured some Boos, but I can't remember on which floors. I want to go search the floors I haven't found the Boo yet, and not waste time on the floors I have. But I don't see a simple way to figure out which floors still have a Boo.


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You can definitely see captured Boos from your gallery, here's the proof:

From the Ghost page, use the left stick to change page: moving up or down you can see Regular ghosts, Rare ghosts, Boss ghosts and Boos.

It's easy to know which floor you missed since there's a Boo for each floor.

If you need a quick check, here's the list of Boos for every floor:

  • Floor B1: Basement – Boosement
  • Floor 1: Grand Lobby – Gumboo
  • Floor 2: Mezzanine – Booigi
  • Floor 3: Hotel Shops – Kungboo
  • Floor 4: The Great Stage – Boogie
  • Floor 5: RIP Suites – Booldog
  • Floor 6: Castle MacFrights – Boo-at-Arms
  • Floor 7: Garden Suites – Bootanist
  • Floor 8: Paranormal Productions – Booducer
  • Floor 9: Unnatural History Museum – Boones
  • Floor B2: Boilerworks – Combooster
  • Floor 10: Tomb Suites – Anuboo
  • Floor 11: Twisted Suites – Boofuddler
  • Floor 12: The Spectral Catch – Boocaneer
  • Floor 13: Fitness Center – Boodybuilder
  • Floor 14: The Dance Hall – Boosician
  • Can't believe I missed that! Thanks!
    – Tronman
    Aug 24, 2021 at 2:37
  • @Tronman you're welcome! But those menus are actually more complicated and less intuitive than needed.
    – pinckerman
    Aug 24, 2021 at 2:44

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